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DSC_0427Tuesday December 10, 2013 8:00 am: Martha was taking Tyler, who is 10 years old in the fourth grade, to school with Olivia who is 3 years old, in the backseat with her brother. We live in Bethlehem, Ga. The roads by our house are not frequently traveled, so the water at times does puddle up when there’s a lot of rain fall. It had been raining for about three weeks and I think the sun was out during that time for about 6 hours one day, trust me I work outside! It was also raining that morning. The details are at times fuzzy for Martha as to exactly what happened but she does remember turning the steering wheel of the vehicle around a curve, but the tires didn’t respond. I have felt this happen to me before on several occasions, but never lost control of the vehicle thankfully. Hydroplaning is a very scary feeling. She hydroplaned off the side of the road. The car then veered off the road into a steep ditch and then began to flip a time or two. I had already left for work that morning around 6am.

Olivia TylerThankfully, there were people outside that were able to assist within seconds. Tyler was non-responsive and practically dead on the scene. Upon him receiving CPR from the respondents, he was resuscitated. They stabilized him and rushed him and Martha to Athens Regional Hospital. Olivia was responsive and Martha was as well. Olivia was rushed to Scottish Rite in Atlanta. They would have life lighted both children, but the weather was too bad. They did as much as try could for Tyler at Athens Regional and decided he needed to be transferred to Scottish Rite for further care. I had just arrived to Athens Regional when they told me it was time for Tyler to be transported. I did see Martha and her mother for a few minutes and I hopped in the ambulance with Tyler and rushed to Scottish Rite. My in laws were very close to Scottish Rite so they headed there to be with Olivia in the interim. I didn’t know to what extent of Olivia’s injury was. I called over and over trying to get updates but couldn’t get anywhere with that. They did tell me they would call me with any updates, but I made it to Scottish Rite before there was any news. Martha’s condition was a broken tail bone, broken nose, many bruises, concussion, internal bleeding and swelling from her seat belt. She was released from the hospital that same afternoon, and came to Scottish Rite. Her mother was with her at Athens Regional the whole time. She was already there with her when I had arrived. Tyler’s condition was a lacerated liver, grade 5, brain injury and swelling, broken right arm, neck and spinal cord injury and separated vertebrae from the spine. He has been sedated and under since the accident. However he will open his eyes and move his limbs slightly. But that’s about it movement wise. He had a trache put in 8 days later through a surgical procedure. He is awaiting a spinal cord surgery. He has not made much progress in a week. Just been kept stable. His doctor is concerned he may never breathe on his own or walk again and even possibly not have any significant movement from his limbs because the area where his surgery is on the spine controls those motor functions.

DSC_0712It’s going to be a long road with both kids but Tyler’s will most likely be the longest. But we don’t know for sure. A lot of things are unanswered and will be for longer than we hoped. Olivia is making a lot of progress! She has made it from PICU, to a step down room to her physical therapy room. She attends multiple therapy sessions 7 days a week. Her injuries consisted of the brain injury and swelling, lots of bruising and swelling of her left eye area and forehead. She had about four stitches put in from where her eyelid was split from the blunt force of the accident. Olivia was on a breathing tube from the day of the accident (Tuesday) to the Friday following the accident. On Friday December 13th. Friday morning at 7:50am they stopped her sedation medication They began to let her wake up and to get her breathing on her own again. It was a tough thing to see, as has been everything with these two but the end result was the icing. It didn’t take long for this process to get to the point we needed it to, but it seemed like an eternity. I’ve never seen a little girl kick so much behind before. These kids have been kicking tail since this happened. We’re so proud of them both! I’m not exactly sure what happened while the car flipped but I can only imagine. All three were wearing their seat belts thank God! They all had bruises from their chest restraints and lap belts. There’s no question the seat belts saved their lives. Once Olivia is done with her physical therapy, she will be transferred to an outpatient facility right around the corner to further continue rehab.

DSC_0541At this time we will most likely be here with Olivia for two more weeks before she gets discharged. But that’s best case scenario. No word on anything like that with Tyler because he just had a surgery last week he’s recovering from now. He will have the spinal surgery at some point and then they will try to start waking him up and see what happens. Martha is doing much better. Her tail bone will take about 6-8 weeks to heal. She has been doing a great job and fighting right along with the All Stars. All three are All Stars! Martha’s bruising has been looking so much better, and that tail bone, man I can’t even imagine! It hurts to walk, sit, lay down, ride in a vehicle the list goes on. I’m so proud of her toughness! I cannot imagine what she’s going through physically, although she tells me. What I mean is I don’t know how she feels or how she does it. I did post the picture of the car, however I removed it quickly, that’s a tough site for anyone to look at. We decided it was too much to see every time we looked at all of your comments and prayers. The mental picture is enough. I know there have been a lot of questions and I wanted everyone to know the story the best we could put it out there. I tried to answer everyone’s questions, but if not please feel free to ask.